Small Wonders II Child Care

Small Wonders II is funded through the Peace III Programme, Priority 2  - Contributing to a Shared Society under Theme 1 – Creating Shared Public Spaces.  The focus of the project is the development of an iconic Shared Space close to the interface and security gates off Northumberland Street.  

Our vision of Shared Space is where there is socially integrated use, and safe and free movement with welcome access for all. It is a space that promotes interaction between groups and individuals.
It is hoped that the project will be a lasting legacy by establishing a fully Shared Space offering equally accessible services to the Shankill and Falls communities as well as forming lasting links between individuals and organisations on both sides of the 
As well as the Childcare and After Schools provision the building is available for adult education, training, workshops and seminars with a particular focus on peace and reconciliation.  Small Wonders II has a Community Relations Outreach worker who is working across the interface, building relationships and partnerships with other organisations who are engaged in peace and reconciliation.
Contact: Marion Weir, 
Community Relations Outreach Worker 
Tel: 07715802792 


Shankill Women's Centre funded by the EU